Growth Hub Extension Scoping Study for GFirst LEP

GFirst Growth Hub

HJA has undertaken a scoping study for GFirst LEP to help them understand how they can extend the range of the Growth Hub business support service by delivering a series of Resource Centres throughout Gloucestershire, to reach more businesses.

GFirst LEP wanted to understand the potential impact of developing a series of Resource Centres that would extend the delivery of the existing Growth Hub business support service throughout Gloucestershire. The Growth Hub was established as a partnership between GFirst LEP and the University of Gloucestershire in 2014, and aims to deliver high-quality support to the businesses in the county.

HJA carried out thorough reviews on existing documentation, data from the Growth Hub customer relationship management system, Office for National Statistics (ONS) data on the Gloucestershire economy, and case studies. We conducted consultations with key stakeholders, and an online survey of Gloucestershire businesses. This work informed analysis of the potential delivery options for Resource Centres, including geographic location, site characteristics, partner organisations, support mechanisms, staff needs, and infrastructure requirements.

Our work has helped GFirst LEP understand how Resource Centres can increase the physical reach and accessibility of the Growth Hub to the business community throughout the county, and to ensure accessibility to the county’s priority growth sectors. GFirst LEP is now working to set up the first of these Resource Centres, and an expression of interest to potential bidders was published in July 2016. This can be seen here.