Strategies & Evidence

We help planning authorities, LEPs, and other public bodies understand the state of their local economies. Using both primary and secondary evidence – we help prepare the economic evidence base for Local Plans, and formulate rigorous plans and strategies for economic growth.

Economic and employment land evidence for Local Plans

Economic development strategy

Local Economic Analysis

Socio-Economic Impact

We help landowners, site promoters, property developers, town planners and public sector organisations make robust economic cases for and against site allocations and planning permissions. We demonstrate the need for housing allocations, identify over- and under-supply of employment land, and deliver comprehensive socio-economic impact assessments (including Environmental Impact Assessment chapters, Health Impact Assessments, and Employment and Skills Strategies).

Economic Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment

Making the economic case for development

Employment & Skills Strategy

Health Impact Assessment

Business Cases & Funding

We help public and private sector organisations to define and develop projects to support economic growth. We help to establish the rationale for projects and the details of how they will be delivered, to support applications for funding and investment, and make the most effective use of these.

Business Cases

Funding bid preparation


Clean Growth

We help public and private sector organisations understand the economic and social impacts of low carbon energy projects. Our work includes nuclear, offshore wind, solar, waste to energy, and tidal energy schemes. We also provide insights into how the benefits of these schemes can be enhanced, and any negative impacts can be mitigated.

Economic impact of low carbon energy

Maximising benefits and mitigating negative impacts

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