Delivery of Socio-Economic Impact Assessments: Cheltenham retail and mixed-use development

HJA supported a successful planning application for a food retail and mixed use development at Grovefield Way, Cheltenham through delivering a Socio-economic Impact Assessment. The Impact Assessment formed part of the development's wider Environmental Impact Assessment.

The proposed scheme included approximately 16,000 sq m of floorspace covering office, food retail, and childcare uses. HJA delivered a report assessing the potential impacts of the proposed development on employment and wages.

A policy review and baseline analysis supported by consultations with local stakeholders was undertaken, followed by the construction of a bespoke economic impact model which measured the direct impacts of the construction and operational phases. Taking full account of additionality enabled our assessment to determine the gross and net impacts after consideration of leakage, deadweight, displacement, and multipliers. [1]

Our assessment found that the development would contribute to boosting employment within west Cheltenham. Our model found the proposed mixed-use development would deliver £25 million investment and 140 person years of employment during construction phase, and over 1,000 FTE jobs supporting £35 million in wages per annum during the operational phase.

Our work made a strong case to support the client’s planning application. Following submission, planning permission for the proposed development has been granted.

If you would like to talk to us about how we can support your efforts to gain planning permission for an employment-led development, please get in touch using the project lead contact details provided below.

[1] Homes and Communities Agency, 2014. Additionality Guide Fourth Edition.

Project Lead

Stuart Hardisty