Christchurch & East Dorset Growth Plan Refresh

17 06 01 CC & ED Growht Plan

We prepared a Growth Plan for Christchurch & East Dorset, and then carried out a refresh of this plan focusing on the economic outlook and key priorities for the area

In 2013/14 HJA assisted in developing the first iteration of a Growth Plan for Christchurch & East Dorset. We produced three documents: a socio-economic baseline study; a strategic framework for the Growth Plan; and a set of Growth Plan targets. We were subsequently commissioned to update key elements of the Growth Plan including the baseline analysis, the economic outlook and the five key priorities for the area. A data and policy review were carried out to inform the updated Growth Plan as well as a review of progress against the targets set out in the previous Plan.
The Growth Plan refresh allowed the local authorities to understand how they had performed against the targets set in the previous Plan and to gain an understanding of the updated context in which their new Plan would be implemented. The refresh also made suggestions for new priority areas and guidance on the sorts of policies that would be needed to achieve them.