Union Street Transformation Economic Impact Statement

HJA were commissioned by Nudge Community Builders to deliver an economic impact statement to support their work to regenerate the Union Street area of Plymouth.

Image credit: Nudge Community Builders


Nudge Community Builders


The Nudge Community Builders (Nudge) redevelopment plan aims to transform Union Street by unlocking land occupied by derelict and empty buildings to support and benefit the local community. The redevelopment plan for Union Street and its immediate vicinity lists a number of sites that Nudge have identified as suitable opportunities for rebuild or renovation. The overall aim of the assessment carried out by HJA was to produce an economic impact statement to demonstrate the positive social and economic impacts that Nudge’s redevelopment plan can achieve.

HJA’s economic impact assessment addressed the socio-economic context of the Union Street and Plymouth economies, and considered the gross direct site level impacts and the net additional impacts on these areas that would be generated from development of the sites and premises identified by Nudge.

HJA delivered a report outlining the economic impact of the redevelopment plan. It looked at the construction and operational phases separately, analysing the current uses and occupancy and the proposed future uses of the sites and premises. Using population and labour market data, the impacts of Nudge’s redevelopment plan on employment levels (including effects on full-time employment), local spend retention, business rates income, and labour market conditions (economic activity, unemployment, earnings, and skills) were assessed.

Our work found that the redevelopment plan would provide beneficial economic effects to the Union Street community and the wider Plymouth area. Nudge’s work has the potential to provide a significant boost to the local economy through increased job opportunities and pathways to skilled employment (which subsequently lowers unemployment levels), and improve annual household incomes.

Overall, HJA’s economic impact statement highlights the positive outcomes of the Union Street transformation plan, supporting the regeneration of the area set out by the Nudge Community Builders.

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Project Lead

Joshua Harding-Jones

Senior Consultant