Aldi Store Gillingham, Dorset

HJA supported a successful planning appeal for the development of an Aldi Store in Gillingham, North Dorset.

HJA was commissioned to examine the evidence and set out the employment and employment land use case to support an appeal of a site for an Aldi Store Ltd., following a refusal of planning permission. Gareth Jones (Director), also appeared as an expert witness at the Examination in Public.

The first stage of this work involved reviewing the history of the planning application to date, to understand the case set out by the local authority for refusing the planning application. The proposal was for a 1,785 sqm store at Park Farm, Gillingham, North Dorset.

A review of all strategies, plans and documents related to the supply and demand for employment land in the area and consultations with officers form North Dorset Council were undertaken to prepare a proof of evidence setting out the grounds for the appeal. HJA delivered an employment and employment land evidence case to support the appeal and then appeared as Expert Witnesses to defend the proof of evidence which had been prepared.

Following HJA’s work, the appeal was successful and planning permission was granted, with the Aldi store opening in late 2019.

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Project Lead

Gareth Jones