Levelling Up Fund Round 3 Webinar and Q&A

Attend our webinar on Round 3 of the Levelling Up Fund, where we will discuss important elements of successful bids and answer participants' questions on their Levelling Up Fund bids.

Insight Author

Gareth Jones


In the run up to Round 3 of the Levelling Up Fund, we will be hosting a webinar and Q&A session on the important factors to consider when preparing a bid for the third and final round of the UK government fund.

Our webinar will consist of a short presentation on the elements required for a successful Levelling Up Fund bid and the lessons learnt from previous rounds of the fund. Following this, there will be a Q&A session where participants will have the opportunity to ask their own questions on potential Levelling Up Fund bids.

We will be running this webinar twice, on Friday 21st April (12:30-13:00) and Friday 28th April (12:30-13:00). If you are considering submitting a bid for Round 3 of the Levelling Up Fund and are interested in attending our webinar, please enter your details below letting us know which session you would like to attend and we will share the invite with you.