The Potential Role of LEPs in the Planning Process


HJA worked with Plymouth University to help the RTPI in the South West to understand the developing role of their six regional LEPs in the face of a rapidly developing national policy and institutional landscape.

The RTPI South West wanted to gain a better understating of the role played by the six regional LEPs in their area, with particular reference to delivering local economic growth and their engagement with strategic planning and sustainable development.

The team carried out extensive data analysis and consultations covering all of the LEPs and a representative cross section of the local authorities in the region. A discussion with key stakeholders was also conducted to discuss our findings and highlight areas for further consideration.

This process delivered a report that has a strong evidence base consisting of quantitative and qualitative data. Our work has given the RTPI South West an understanding of the developing role of LEPs in the face of a rapidly developing policy and institutional landscape.  In particular it highlights the need for LEPs and Local Authority Planning Departments to engage with one another early in the process to share a common understanding, evidence base and aspiration.