Review of Gloucestershire Economic Development Activity

Gloucester ED case study

HJA undertook a scoping study for Gloucestershire’s seven local authorities to identify areas for joint working in the area of economic development, and consider how this can be delivered.

Gloucestershire’s local authorities wanted to identify opportunities for joint working in the area of economic development. HJA undertook a scoping study that identified existing economic development activity in Gloucestershire, identified possible areas for joint working, and suggested a model for the delivery of effective joint working in the future.

We conducted consultations with each of the local authority leaders and senior officers, carried out a thorough documentary review, and undertook investigations into good practice in three other locations – Cumbria, Warwickshire, and Worcestershire.

Our findings demonstrated how the seven Gloucestershire local authorities can cooperate with each other, but still maintain local distinctiveness between the districts, and healthy competition for economic growth.