Regeneration Measures for Residential Development, Banbury

16 11 01 Bretch Hill Update

HJA has outlined a package of appropriate community regeneration measures associated with the development of a strategic housing site in Bretch Hill, Banbury.

The client was in ownership of a parcel of land in Bretch Hill, Banbury which had been allocated as a strategic housing site in the Cherwell Local Plan 2011-31. The relevant policy attached a statement to the site that any development should bring about ‘wider community benefits’ for the Bretch Hill area. With the exact nature and mechanisms of the benefits yet to be specified, the client appointed HJA to advise on matters of regeneration and the delivery of community benefits.

The first part of our work involved a review of the current sub-regional policy context and baseline economic conditions. This work was then further informed by contributions from local stakeholders. These findings went on to inform the master planning process, which culminated in the recommendation of a package of regeneration and community benefit measures that aligned appropriately with the Local Plan.

Our proposals promoted the delivery of around 150 affordable houses, as well as a range of measures to develop education and skills, improve access to employment and enterprise opportunities, enhancing community facilities, and encouraging healthy lifestyles. The work gave the client an appropriate set of measures to deliver a range of wider community benefits along with any housing developed on the land parcel.