Economic Impact of Proposed Retirement Village

16 05 01 Tower Hill Economic Impact 2

HJA assessed the economic impacts of a proposed care facility in Tower Hill, Horsham.

The client needed to understand the economic impacts arising from a proposed care related development made up of retirement apartments, an elderly care home, and a community hub. HJA was appointed to provide an assessment of the impacts.

A bespoke assessment model was constructed to identify the employment and income impacts generated through both the construction and operational phases of the development. Construction phase impacts were assessed by modelling the employment (direct and sub-contracting) and supply chain activity that would take place in the construction sector as a result of the scheme. The operational phase impacts were assessed by modelling the long-term employment impact of the development on the health and care sector.

Our assessment revealed that the proposed care development would deliver around 120 jobs and £3.6 million to the local economy during the construction phase, and a further 85 jobs with an income of £1.4 million during the operation of the care development.