Delivery of Socio-Economic Impact Assessments: Wadebridge Housing Development

16 02 03 Church Park Wadebridge 3

HJA has undertaken a Socio-Economic Impact Assessment for a residential development in Wadebridge, Cornwall.

LDA needed to produce an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to assess the effects of proposed housing scheme in Wadebridge, Cornwall. HJA was appointed to undertake the Socio-Economic Impact Assessment (SEIA) which would form a part of the wider EIA.

Our approach to delivering this SEIA involved initial desk based policy research and baseline analysis. This process was supported by consultations with local stakeholders. Subsequent impact analysis provided measurements of the likely economic effects of the construction phase, and the impact of the development on local employment, education, health and retail.

As a result of our work, the client was able to quantify the socio-economic impact of the development, and understand what measures would need to be taken in order to maximise the benefit of the scheme to local residents, as well as mitigating adverse effects during the operational phase.

On a number of occasions over the past twelve months, we have been appointed by a variety of private sector clients to undertake similar SEIAs to the one described above. Please get in touch if you would like more information on how we can deliver a Socio-Economic Impact Assessment for you and your clients.