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Greater Exeter Economic Development Needs Assessment

HJA delivered an Economic Development Needs Assessment to inform the Greater Exeter District Authorities’ planning strategy.


Employment and Economic Aspects of the Local Plan for Epping Forest District

Our work is leading to well evidenced and robust economic and employment policies in the Local Plan.


North Poole: Making the Case for Commercial Employment Development

HJA demonstrated the critical need for the development to support the sustainable economic growth of the sub-regional economy and to retain key employers in the area.


Functional Economic Market Area Assessment for Swindon and Wiltshire

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HJA is delivering a FEMA assessment on behalf of Wiltshire and Swindon Councils that will inform future economic and planning strategy.


What now? Economic Development and Brexit

Whether you voted for leave or remain is no longer relevant. When, and possibly even whether, we eventually leave the EU is not even the most pressing problem. The biggest issue that those involved in economic development are currently facing is the massive uncertainty caused by the referendum result. This has already been manifest in […]


Our Services

HJA offers a range of socio-economic development consultancy services to its clients.  Please click on the relevant tab below to find out more about these service areas.   DevelopmentGrowthFunding Making the Economic Case for Development Supporting site promotion and planning applications HJA works with landowners, site promoters, property developers, planners and local authorities to make [...]