HJA offers a range of socio-economic development consultancy services to its clients.  Please click on the relevant tab below to find out more about these service areas.


Making the Economic Case for Development

Supporting site promotion and planning applications

HJA works with landowners, site promoters, property developers, planners and local authorities to make the economic case for (or against) site allocation and planning permission. Our expert services are typically required in support of contentious schemes which do not conform to the development plan (either extant or emerging).

We apply a range of research and analysis tools to meet the needs of our clients, which include:

  • Demonstrating the need for increased housing provision
  • Demonstrating an over/under supply of employment land
  • Demonstrating the economic benefits of development proposals

We also regularly provide technical socio-economic inputs to Environmental Impact Assessments and support local authorities to shape planning policy related to economic development.

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Growth Plans and Economic Strategies

Developing and Delivering Plans and Strategies

HJA helps strategic organisations – mostly local authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) – to prepare robustly evidenced growth plans and economic strategies for local areas.

We create a robust and comprehensive local evidence base to underpin this competitive allocation of funds.  This presents a clear understanding of both local needs and local opportunities.  HJA has in-depth experience of primary and secondary research methods, and data analysis and synthesis.  We understand what funders are looking for in an evidence base, and can shape it to make the best possible case for local investment.

We enhance this evidence base, and start the development of a locally specific plan, through a programme of stakeholder consultation.  We work with a range of stakeholders to shape these plans and strategies, including local businesses, business representative bodies, sector bodies, local authorities, education providers, skills and training agencies, the not-for-profit and voluntary sectors.

We also collaborate with other economic development agencies and funders of economic growth (including LEPs, EU funds and Government agencies such as the Technology Strategy Board) to ensure that local plans draw on all possible sources of support to meet their aims.

Once we have helped to create and draft the local plan we will test and refine this through consultation with elected members, senior officers and those stakeholders who have helped to create the plan.

Click on the case studies below for more details of how we have successfully applied these approaches for our clients.

Funding for Growth

Appraisal, application and evaluation

HJA works with clients to obtain and ensure the effective use of growth funds to support economic development.  Our services include:

  • Support to ensure well designed funding programmes
  • Project development and funding applications
  • Project and funding appraisal
  • Programme and project review and evaluation

We have worked with projects and programmes across sectors and funding streams including enterprise and business support, skills and training, infrastructure, physical regeneration, research and innovation, rural and agri-food.

These services complement our other activities Developing and Delivering Growth Plans and Economic Strategies

Click on the case studies below for more details of how we have successfully applied these services for our clients: