Local Authority and LEP Responses to Brexit

Soon after the vote to leave the EU in June 2016 we spoke to around 20 of our clients who are stakeholders in economic development – across the public and private sectors. In these early weeks after the referendum there was a huge amount of uncertainty about what Brexit involves and its impact on economic development […]


The Impact of Brexit on Local Economic Development: Practitioner Workshop

Thirty economic development professionals from across the South West attended this IED hosted workshop discussing the early implications of Brexit. The workshop considered three pieces of research: A survey of Local Authority and LEP responses to Brexit The role of LEPs in planning and economic development What can we do about underperforming towns and cities? […]


HJA participating in IED event on LA/LEP responses to Brexit in the South West

HJA is continuing its role understanding and advising on the impact of Brexit on local economic development.  We are participating in the IED hosted workshop in the South West for IED Members and Local Authority and LEP Economic Development staff to discuss current and future responses to the impact of Brexit on local economic development. […]


A clearing mist? On the ground responses to Brexit.

We wrote our first note about the impact of Brexit on economic development a few days after the referendum result.  Our main message then was that we have entered uncertain times, and we made a few initial suggestions about how to respond to that uncertainty.  After the initial shock and turmoil there is at least now […]


What now? Economic Development and Brexit

Whether you voted for leave or remain is no longer relevant. When, and possibly even whether, we eventually leave the EU is not even the most pressing problem. The biggest issue that those involved in economic development are currently facing is the massive uncertainty caused by the referendum result. This has already been manifest in […]


Extending the reach of a LEP Growth Hub

We have recently completed a scoping study, looking at how the Gloucestershire Growth Hub can be extended through the creation of a series of physical Resource Centres. We have set out proposals for Resource Centres to be delivered in partnership with other organisations. They will extend the geographical reach of the Growth Hub across the county, and will […]

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